We offer computational airflow analysis of new and existing data centers. In new data centers computational airflow modeling enables us to qualify your equipment layout with properly sized and placed perforated tiles prior to deployment of equipment. In existing data centers we will work with your IT team advising relocation of server racks and perforated tiles until an optimal design is reached.
Additionally conducting air flow models will -
  • Lower Data Center operational costs by identifying inefficiencies with cooling systems.
  • Identify how to increase the server capacity without increasing the cooling capacity.
  • Predict the maximum IT capacity for a Data Center.
  • Predict the impact of adding server capacity or cooling capacity to a Data Center prior to implementation.
  • Perform virtual airflow models of 'what if a CRAC unit fails or is turned off'. 
  • Identify high heat zones within server racks.
  •  The first step is to program in the envelope of the data center and all equipment within. We have the ability to insert a specific manufacturers server rack or utilize genric racks. The same holds true for cooling modules, whether they are Liebert, Stultz or APC. The next step is to insert the raised floor, if applicable, with perforated tiles. Again we have the ability to insert a specific manufactured tile. Now that we have a 3D model we must assign parameters (heat load) to each server rack. Once this is completed we initiate our first 'run'. Working with your IT team we shall analyze the results and may suggest relocating server racks, perforated tiles, PDU's or CRAC units to maximize the efficiency of cooling units and minimize electrical usage.
    Typically once PDI has gathered all the required information we can model a data center and provide initial results within a week. 

    The data center below was designed and qualified utilizing CFD models. Below you will find various 'snapshots' depicting the results from computational airflow modeling. If you have additional inquires regarding airflow modeling please contact us. If you would like a demonstration of the results contact us and we will accomodate your request, free of charge.   

    Click on any snapshot below to enlarge. 

    3D Model of Data Center
    Airflow displayed through perforated tiles